YES! You Can Still Dead Lift and RDL and Protect Your Back If Your Technique is Good and the Lift Is Performed PROPERLY!!

    As my personal back pain journey has evolved, I’ve figure out many things to do and not to do. One of the many things that I’ve continued to perfect as I age is my ability to lift weights safely to strengthen my back, legs and core to such a degree that moves such […]


  As we age morning stiffness inevitably creeps up on all of us. So, is morning stretching a good idea to rid yourself of the stiffness and discomfort of 7-8 hours in bed? The answer is yes, and NO! The reason I say no, is certain stretches are very useful to break up tissue adhesions […]

Your Butt Pain IS NOT YOUR PIRIFORMIS! It’s Your Sciatic Nerve!!!

  Not a day goes by in practice that I don’t have a patient tell me they have pain in their lower back and pain in their buttock on the same side. Patients will almost always say the pain in their buttock is from a “tight piriformis”. So, what have they done to mitigate said […]

Should You Be Using a Foam Roller on Your Lower Back?? I Don’t Think So!!

  When I started practicing nearly 20 years ago, patients rarely came in with pain complaints AND attempted solutions for mitigating said pain. Nowadays, with the ever-present “Dr. Google”, patients rarely come in with pain and questions as to the source of their pain. Most patients will tell me about their low back pain, what […]

Rotation Exercises Like Russian Twists will Break Your Back Down!!

  Similar to other core exercises, rotational core moves like the Russian Twist and bicycle crunches are utilized to “trim the mid-section”, “burn that unwanted belly fat” and “strengthen the core for sports”. I have patients on a daily basis presenting to my office with lower back pain and disc related pain that are using […]

The Peril of the Sit-Up!!!

  I can’t tell you how many times in any given week I have patients tell me they are doing sit-ups. They want to lose belly fat so they do sit-ups (myth). They want to build core strength so they do sit-ups (myth). Their fitness class, DVD, magazine expert or online expert told them it […]


  As a clinician and an avid fitness junkie/meat-head, I like to train hard and feel the positive results like other folks who enjoy exercise. Fortunately for me, I’ve got years of training and over 18 years of clinical practice that helps me weed out all the detrimental and potentially back injuring exercises that create […]

The Myth and Danger of the “flat back” Cue During Exercise

  Every day in practice I have to redirect the good intentions of other clinicians, coaches and trainers. The reason for this redirection is simply because the cueing can be incorrect. I’m not trying to throw anyone under the bus here but the fitness industry has unfortunately adopted a training cue of “flat back” when […]